Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pirate Treasure Chest Treat

The final treasure chest for the party = Skittle gems in a Swiss Roll chest!
The trial "Swiss Roll" chest with rock candy
The trial "Zinger" chest with rock candy
My son's teacher asked me to make some treats for her son's birthday party - pirate theme.  This thrilled me, since I love to create fun food and snacks and I have never made pirate items.  I searched on-line for ideas but I was not finding anything that I really liked.  A friend of mine then sent me a picture of a treasure chest so I modified it and created my own.  As a tester chest, I used rock candy for jewels (sapphires and diamonds) and I used a Little Debbie Swiss Roll and a Zinger (by Hostess?????).  I decided I liked the Swiss Roll better because of the rounded top.  I just cut into the top, placed some rock candy in it and then I painted on golden coloured candy melts to add details so it looked more like a chest.  I was happy with the results but since I did not leave enough time to make my own rock candy and it was quite expensive I decided to just use Skittles for the party treats (rubies, canary diamonds, amethysts, emeralds and topaz).  I decided to accent the chest with a lighter yellow and instead of painting it on, I just used a ziploc, cut the corner and piped it on.  Piping the candy goes much quicker and it looks neater.  As you can tell, both ways that I made the chest are very convincing, cute and yummy:)  You could add more details to the chest if you wanted and you could use a variety of different candies to represent treasures.  WARNING: if you choose to try these, buy extra Swiss Rolls since a lot of mine were squished or the chocolate covering just came crumbling off.  I bought 3 dozen Rolls and only ended up with about 24 final chests (this made my children and hubby quite happy since they got to eat the leftovers).

The whole lot of them for the party. 


  1. I love this idea. I am doing a pirate party for my son who is turning 6 and will be def be doing these.
    Thank you!

  2. Made these for vacation bible school treasure theme. It made them much easier to do if you chill them first.