Saturday, November 12, 2011

Turkey Pancakes

Adorable Turkey Pancakes!
Three colours of pancake batter and mini chocolate morsels is all you need for these adorable turkey pancakes!  As always, I used condiment dispensers for each colour.  After I flipped the pancakes I placed 2 morsels to represent each eye.
Before I Flipped The Pancake


Pie Crust Turkey Handprint Cookie

Turkey Cut Out Before it was Cooked!
I saw this hand print pie crust on top of a pumpkin pie so I decided to just make the pie crust 'cookie' without the pie.  I bought the pre-made pie crust, traced my kid's hand prints, decorated the prints and VOILA....  hand print turkey cookie.  Simple, easy and fun!
My Son's Hand Ready to be Traced

All Traced with Legs Added

My Daughter's Print Added

My Daughter Decorated Her Own Turkey

All Ready for the Oven!

Cooked and Ready to Eat!

My Son's

My Daughter's


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crescent Roll Bat Hot Dog

Bat Hot Dog, Black Noodles and Some Carrots to Add Something Healthy
Thanks to my hubby I came up with these 'way too cool' bat hot dogs.  He told me to try to make it for lunch for the kids today so this is what I came up with.  First I cut hot dogs in half and boiled them in water coloured with black food colouring.  While they were cooking I placed 2 crescent roll doughs out for each bat and I cut the scalloped edges to represent the bat wings.  For the next step, I mixed some grated mozzarella cheese with black food colouring and sprinkled the dough with the cheese.  The last step before cooking it was to place the hot dog, representing the bat body, on the seam of the 2 crescent rolls.  Bake as directed and Voila... Bat Hot Dog.  I then also made some Annie's White Cheddar noodles but to make the noodles black I just boiled them in the same water that I had used for the hotdogs and then for something healthy I added some carrots... orange - another Halloween colour.  The kids were quite pleased with their lunch, of course!
The Bat Wings with the Scalloped Cut Out

A Little Blurry - Hot Dog Bat Bodies

Black Mozzarella Cheese

Ready for the Oven

The Finished Product!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Haunted House Cake

The Haunted House Cake
I borrowed the haunted house cake pan from a friend and we created it with the whole family.  Lots of fun for the kids and of course, they loved to eat it when it was all done!

The Icing

It was a Family Affair

They were Very Proud, Not Sure What my son is Doing:)


Spider Cake Pops

Spider Cake Pops with the Eyeballs Behind

Vertically Set Legs

Horizontally Set Legs
This cake pop was really quick to make and it was just another idea for Halloween!  I just dipped the cake pop in chocolate and then pushed in 8 pieces of thin licorice for the legs of the spider.  I made 2 different types: 1) vertically lined up legs and 2) horizontally lined up legs... I do not know which one looks better and the vote was split with my family!  Once I put the legs in, I refrigerated them to let them harden and then I assembled the eyes which are short pieces of thick black licorice topped off with a mini m & m.  I then took the pops out of the fridge and 'glued' the eyes on with melted chocolate.... VOILA... spider cake pops with 'bulging' eyes!


Blood Shot Eyeball Cake Pops

Halloween is a great time for making treats because there is so many fun ideas.  I was in our local discount store and saw these jelly lifesaver candies so I knew I could do something with them.  I just made the basic cake pop, dipped it in white melts and while the white melts were soft I put a black cake confetti and then topped it off with the gummy lifesaver.  I then refrigerated them to harden the melts and then I melted red melts and piped them onto the pop to make the eyeballs look blood shot.  If I would make these again, I would have cut the candies in half so that the colour part of the eye was not so thick!  Perfect for any Halloween treat.


Spider Web Cake Pops

I was making cake pops for my kids and then I had a few leftovers so I decided to try to make some spider webs ones.  Not perfect, but they definitely look like a web.  All I did was dip the pop, refrigerate it to let it harden and then I piped the web on with melted chocolate in a ziploc with a corner clipped off.  My white melts were not thin enough so you can tell that it is a little too thick on the ball but it still works!